Baby Care

Nurses who specialize in home medical care

Since the mother’s health condition is as essential as the child’s health condition, Health Care Solutions provides nurses who specialize in mother and child care before and after childbirth.

Our Services

  • Follow-up of pregnant women during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Complete maternal health care
  • Complete and comprehensive care for a newborn baby
  • Monitoring the child’s physical and neurological growth and development
  • Measure the height, weight and head circumference of the child
  • Measuring temperatures and heartbeats in an organized manner
  • Providing breastfeeding and feeding the child in general
  • Baby body hygiene, bathing and changing diapers
  • Provide a safe place for the baby to sleep
  • Providing first aid to the child in emergency cases
  • Providing awareness and education services about child health, development, growth and nutrition
  • Spare on the navel and follow-up, as well as eye care
  • Follow the correct methods to prevent skin exfoliation
  • Training the mother on how to deal with the child, especially how to know the reason for the child’s crying.

The best child care services in Kuwait

Home health care services for children and newborns

There is no doubt that all parents aspire to provide the best for their children, and at Health Care Solutions, we work to provide the best care services for you and your family. Whether you’re getting ready to go back to work, or need some help around your home, we’re always ready to help. Our Baby Care Home service works to meet your unique needs. Our nurses supervise your children’s care at all times and monitor their diet, growth and sleep patterns as well as help them acquire good hygiene and social behavior skills. Our unique program allows you to meet the nurse at the beginning of our work together. Parents often worry about their children while they are at work. With long working hours, they have to leave their children at home.